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See motor and decoder options for digital conversions.

Lost the decoder DIP switch settings? See address table for Delta and Digital DIP switch equipped decoders  






9 June 2013: Update to Digital Hints page -Decoder harness wiring

24 Oct 2014:  Updates to "Hints" page: A warning if switching between analogue and digital

8 Jan 2015: Still working on the "shop" this space

6 March 2015:  Updates to "Hints" page: What to do if your loco suffers from intermittent power loss

1 October 2015: Update to "Projects" page..  Braking at Signals





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The Train Doctor

Sorry, no more Märklin Servicing / Repairs / Conversions at the present time.  I need to try and get a life back. 

I do have a good stock of spare parts available.   Contact me for details.  There are also some  items available in the "shop" pages which I will update from time to time, and you can email me re any of these.   Just dug Grandad's old train set out of the attic and don't know what to do with it?  I can appraise and make you an offer for used Marklin.

I will keep the technical hints and other pages up for the time being in the hope that they may prove useful, and I hope also to be able to add to these on the odd occasion.